About Bike Thief:

Bike Thief started brewing in thoughts of Febian Perez in early 2010, who grew up in Rhode Island before moving to Austin, TX in 2006. Whilst playing bass for a variety of bands in Rhode Island and Texas, Febian realized that he wanted to be the creative drive behind any future music he made. With that, he took the name from the Italian film, ‘ The Bicycle Thieves’, altered it a bit and started writing music about his surroundings, using his influences as a guiding point. Bike Thief is inspired by bands such as The Pixies, Arcade Fire and even artists like Elliott Smith. In the summer of 2012, Febian moved to Portland and started to build the band up there. He quickly met a great team of musicians and together they began to practice all the time and start work on their first record. They worked on the album for 2 months straight and recorded it at Big Red Studios/Bombshell Flat Studios. With the record finally released on December 3rd, 2012, Bike Thief has hopes to play out and make a name for themselves in Portland.

Please listen to the record here:


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